We are delighted to announce the creation of RSK-IWS’s new website. It will be the primary source of all information regarding RSK’s integrated solutions for the waste market.

RSK-IWS will operate in a niche area, responding to the growing needs of the public and private sectors where the supply of equipment must be complemented by a comprehensive maintenance and support service. Its expansive service range includes waste consultancy; urban waste installation, management and maintenance; and underground refuse solutions. Research has identified sustainable waste collection systems as fundamental in urban areas. They are far more than simple rubbish collection or disposal systems. They are designed to be environmentally friendly and managed and maintained with cutting-edge technology and, above all, they are compatible with the needs of modern society. We hope they will help to propel cities and towns towards their sustainability objectives.

“The launch of our dedicated waste management solutions website will ensure that we reach as wide an audience as possible,” said Business Development Manager Nuno Lopes.

RSK-IWS is a pioneering company offering solutions for underground waste collection systems. We established the company in 2021 in response to the growing demand for sustainable waste collection in the UK. The introduction of underground refuse systems has revolutionised the waste management industry, providing several advantages over traditional surface-level systems.

For more information, please continue exploring our website. Visit the new About page to learn more about RSK-IWS, or explore our Services pages to read about our wide range of cost-assured, innovative, technology-focused and value-led solutions. We will regularly update our content to provide you with useful information on our expanding range of services, the projects we are completing and company news and announcements.