Designing integrated solutions for the waste market

Transforming waste management and collection

RSK Integrated Waste Solutions (RSK-IWS) is a market leader in offering integrated solutions for the waste market. Our origins lie in responding to a market gap: in supplying equipment complemented by a comprehensive maintenance and support service in the public and private sectors. Our underground waste collection systems are transforming the waste management industry, providing several advantages over traditional surface-level systems.

Globally, there is a community-focused effort to make cities become more sustainable, greener and less carbon reliant. Traditional waste collection methods emit millions of tonnes of CO2 annually. However, an innovative, cleaner and hidden alternative is already in use throughout Europe and the UK. Underground refuse systems (URS) are a progressive and cheaper alternative. URS maximise open space, creating a stronger, cleaner urban identity, while providing effective solutions for waste collection for housing, high streets, parks and green spaces.

Fusing a solution-focused strategy with a long track record of delivering sustainable solutions

A British-led study revealed that the systems had a pronounced impact on recycling rates, particularly in mid-rise and high-rise residential buildings. Moreover, URS reduce carbon emissions and odours, occupy 50% less floor space than traditional bins and encourage a recycling culture.

As a mainstay of the global environmental, engineering and technical services industry for more than 30 years, the RSK Group advocates for sustainable practices and solutions across all sectors. By partnering with like-minded companies, RSK-IWS now delivers innovative and bespoke end-to-end waste-collection solutions. The RSK-IWS initiative fuses a solution-focused strategy with a long track record of delivering sustainable solutions to the public and private sectors.

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